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pb: aaron paul
28 year old wizard. He's from the same area that the college is located in, witnessed [SPOILER]. Eventual mentor to Nathan with his magical abilities. Specializes with runes and warding, but his true power is unknown. Grungy. Others would compare him to a fireball. Goes by the name of Flint due to his relationship with fire.
(first appears in book 1)

pb: nina dobrev
From the Fae Realm, Anya is a seer. She predicts the future, though it's not something she fully harnesses. Instead, she takes up aiding at the Queen's side. Actually a skilled warrior as well. Has history with Dominic and things are slightly...tense between them since they were arranged to be married, but Dominic left the Realm with Leon and a baby Miles before it could happen.
(first appears in prequel)

Fredrick "Freddie" Arnold
pb: jake abel
From a line of supernatural investigators/hunters. 22 years old. Enrolls at the college with Nathan and company soon after his brother turns up. Attending school for his degree in nursing, due to his interest in aiding his family when they need it after hunting/fighting a supernatural being. Guardian of Isabel due to the Arnold father going missing years back and then their older brother Bennett doing the same for a year. Very parental, caring. Will not hesitate to say what's on his mind. When it comes to supernatural beings, he always wants to give them a chance to be good before purely deciding they're evil and that they deserve to be killed.
(first appears in book 2)

Isabel Arnold
pb: emma roberts
From a line of supernatural investigators/hunters. The youngest of the Arnold children and the only girl. Because of being the only girl, her elder brothers and father worried about her. They made sure not to baby her though, and instead, taught her to grow up strong. 17 years old. In high school. Very skilled in spotting the supernatural that may or may not have something to do with a gift of Sight.
(first appears in book 2)

Bennett Arnold
pb: paul wesley
From a line of supernatural investigators/hunters. Older of the Arnold children. Very big brother-like. Went missing a year prior to the events of Book 1 and turned up in the woods by Nathan's college sometime later. Unknown to everyone - other than Nathan, who eventually knows due to his aura reading & sister who seems to be able to point out supernatural creatures - that he was bitten by a werewolf and then held captive by the one that turned him. Along his journey of escaping, he had a demon possess him. Placement on where he stands is very gray. He's a wild card. 26 years old.
(first appears in book 2)

Hardy Gresbach
pb: bill skarsgard
Vampire. Sire to Esme Marion. Looks as if he's in his early twenties, but actually over a thousand years old. (Turned in 1807.) Has no interest in humans and uses the, as he pleases. Also, he's known as charming and polite - a snake under the facade, though. Marion seemingly fell for his act and he turned her only for the companion ship for a while until he became bored and she wanted a change of scenery.
(first appears in book?)
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