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Weller Clan Chronicles
Nathan Weller
"Part angel, part werewolf. One hundred percent expert at normal. Practicing wizard, too. (dylan o’brien)
Theresa “Tess” Herndon
"Nathan’s future wife. Part witch. Her mouth can get her into trouble. (britt robertson)
Miles Arbuckle
"Faerie prince, unknowingly. Rich. Nathan’s roommate. (daniel sharman)
Albert Weller (Asmodel)
"Nathan’s father. Angel. Still has all of his powers and a connection to Heaven. (alexander skarsgard)
Sharon Weller
"Nathan’s mother. Werewolf via bite. Pack momma. Mentor figure. (holly marie combs)
Elijah “Eli” Weller
"Nathan’s older brother. More angel than werewolf. Can’t read auras but can read thoughts. (kit harrington)
Esme Marion
"Eli’s girlfriend. Vampire, looks 18 but is actually over fifty years old, has her hands in magic - possibly dark.. (candice accola)
Mitchel Herndon
"Tess’ brother. PI that works with local police. Part Wizard. (stephen amell)
Sampson James (Samael)
"Fallen angel, works for demons, posing as a professor at Nathan’s college. (david tennant)
Veronica (Zeti)
"Demon, known for corruption, under Samael's orders. Posing as Nathan's RA. (rachel mcadams)
Leon James “LJ”
"Faerie. Part of the royal guard. Protects Miles. Quiet. (tyler posey)
" Wizard. Eventual mentor to Nathan with his magical abilities. Specializes with runes and warding, true power is unknown. Grungy. Others would compare him to a fireball. (aaron paul)
"Faerie. Seer and skilled warrior. The queen’s hand maiden. Has a history with Dominic. (nina dobrev)
Dominic James
"LJ’s older brother. Faerie. Captain of the Royal guard. Expressive. Wise. Protective. (tyler hoechlin)
Fredrick “Freddie” Arnold
"Hunter/Investigator of the supernatural. Goes to college with Nathan and company. Parental, caring, and speaks his mind. (jake abel)
Isabel Arnold
"Youngest of the Arnold family. Hunter/Investigator of the supernatural. Has a gift of sight. (emma roberts)
Bennett Arnold
"Oldest of Arnold family. Hunter/Investigator of the supernatural. Went missing, was bitten by a werewolf, and possessed by a demon. Wild card. (paul wesley)
Hardy Gresbach
"Vampire. Sire to Esme Marion. Turned in 1807. Uses human. A snake with a good façade. (bill skarsgard)
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