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"Could you two just stop for five minutes and focus? Maybe you could pay attention to the target and not each other?" Felix's voice hissed in Marc and Cathal's earpieces, clearly irritated that the two were eyeing each other suggestively across the room.

But in Marc's defense, he'd have said Cath started it. Always did.

"Shut up," Cath mumbled. "'M righ' here anyways."

"Just think you're so cute..." Marc mumbled into his drink, turning to survey the crowd again and not watch the charming grifter work his magic.

"Focus," Felix hissed again.

Marc turned, knowing Felix was posted up in the building across the street. Probably on the same floor in front of big glass windows with binoculars to keep visuals on them both.

They were in the midst of a job that Felix had been planning for them for weeks now, trying to get a small stash of jewels from some investor that fucked him over years ago in a job. Sure, they were worth a pretty penny, which Marc was looking forward to; but he hated the obvious parts of a job. The ones where Cathal had to bat his eyes and be cute at strange men and women.

He silently reminded himself of the nice vacation they were going to take somewhere warm and quiet. Just for a little while until they needed more money or Felix found a new job for them. Marc let out a breath, sitting his empty glass down on a passing waiter's tray as he slipped through the bodies.

Security looked to be calm still which was good and his eyes darted back to where Cath had been. But he was gone. As was the target. Mild panic rose only because he hated losing line of sight with the other and Marc turned, moving towards the window where he wanted to furious flip off Felix for this stupid set up and damned fancy event. "Where's Cath?" he asked in a hushed voice, clearly frustrated.

"He's working some very good magic right now in one of the rooms, just off the hall they were near," Felix said with interest, humming happily.

"What?" Marc hissed, clenching his jaw.

Sometimes, he forgot they were working and he got a little possessive. It was fairly common, even after years of this. He turned and moved towards the hallway, the room in question and heard Felix telling him to stop. Marc froze, turning his head at the last second to stir up idle conversation with a guest while he listened to Felix speak.

"You blow this and you're gonna be the one paying me, Williford. So calm down. He's got the pouch and he just needs to slip away. Can you get him an out?"

It wasn't like all he was good for was beating people up. Marc had learned a thing or two from his partners; one of which was that a smile could go a long way. He flashed a soft one at the woman that was talking to him, spouting off things that he wasn't listening to. A glance at her hands - no rings on her fingers - and Marc was saying, "You're so beautiful. Would you like to walk with me? I was going to have a look around at the architecture..." She said yes, nodding and wrapping fingers around his offered elbow.

"Ooh, Cathykins is gonna be jealous," Felix cooed over the communication device in his ear. No doubt he heard that from Felix and would be confused...

Marc idly moved down the hall, trying to comment on little things here and there with the woman adding comments. He motioned towards a door after hearing Felix say which it should be according to blueprints and he opened it.

Cathal bolted up, fixing his tie with wide eyes and clearing his throat. The target in question had been wandering hands and seemingly nuzzling at his cheek before the door had opened. So it wasn't too hard for Marc to pretend to be shocked.

"Oh, my gosh! I'm... We're so sorry," Marc said quickly, eyes darting between the two before ducking away with his female friend. He could overhear Cath saying to the target that he should go, about seeing off the other host of the event and turning in a check that he had. Naturally, he knew it was all a lie and that he was ready to go. "The um," Marc started, shaking his head and frowning at the woman. "Do you remember where the restrooms were?"

She pointed further down the hall and he nodded, thanking her for her company and promised to come find her later on before moving in the direction she'd pointed. It only took a moment, to steal a glance over his shoulder and slip into the bathroom. In his ear, he heard Felix giving Cath direction and telling him where Marc was waiting.

A knock on the door and Marc opened it, seeing Cath and stepping out. "If you didn't have half a million's worth on you right now..." He narrowed his eyes, biting his lip.

"Yes yes, you'd fuck him into a wall. Now please. Stairway. Hustle," Felix chirped to them both.

Cathal only smirked at Marc before they rushed towards the door to the stairs at the end of the hall. They hurried down numerous flights and right as they rounded the second to last one, Marc noticed movement and grabbed Cath's arm to stop him. When the other looked at him curiously, he raised a finger to his lips and shook his head. If either of them made a sound, whoever it was would surely hear them.

Letting go, Marc crept down the last set of steps and swayed himself. A hand went to the very solid wall and he pulled a sour face as if he was sick from drinking. Of course, as he expected, it was a guard.

"Hey, are you good there buddy?" he asked, once turning around to eye Marc. Hands were held up and Marc shook his head, bringing his other hand to his mouth like he was about to throw up and jolted forward. He threw his free hand against the guard's face and watched him stumble back before hitting him again with the other hand. The man dropped unconscious to the ground just as he heard Cathal behind him.

"S'at 'posed ta be attractive or...?"

"Half a million--"

"Yes, we know Felix. We're coming, shut up," Marc said, stretching his arm before following Cath out of the building. "We'll meet you around back with the car."

"No doing anything in the car either," Felix commented. "Because you can't pass it off with another shotu of surprise. That's gross and unneccesary."

"Then move faster," Cath snickered.


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