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mastermind / leader - felix
grifter - cathal
hitter - marc
hacker - theodore
thief - elisabeth


In the back of a surveilance van, Felix was pacing and glancing at at screen showing a live feed from the glasses Marc was wearing. Just cement walls and a row of iron bars. He stopped, leaning over Theodore to catch his quick typing and shaking his head. With a sigh, he asked, "This wasn't part of the plan, guys."

"Lis blew her cover," Marc voice echoed through the headset Felix had on.

"I was perfectly fine," Elisabeth voice responded.

"Uh huh..."

"Woul' ye all hush?" Cath's voice came next. "'M concentratin'..."


The job was to be easy. A simple swapping out of paintings that had been stolen, getting them back to their rightful owner and then cashing in on a very nice check. Unfortunately, the trio needed mroe help than usual with the job they'd found through research and Felix brought in his geeky looking friend, Theodore. Marc mentioned his past lady friend - Elisabeth - that he'd ran a job with and naturally, three became five and now the job felt like it was spiraling.

Marc shoved the glasses up, rubbing his eyes as he sat stuck in the holding cell. He'd thought the gallery's owner was onto her and caused a scene. He had no idea it would end up with security throwing him into a private holding cell in the back of the gallery - which seemed weird for the owner to have in the first place.

"There's more to this Felix. Get your friend there to look. A gallery doesn't need a cell like this..." He tapped on the bars, finding them to be solid and surveying it all carefully.

"Or heavy security," Lis commented over the communication device.

"C, get outta there. Drop it all," Felix said quickly.

"I'm really hoping you say next about coming to get me," Marc said, running a hand over the cement walls. Maybe he'd get lucky and it's be weak somewhere. That he could just punch his way out, even if it would probably break something.

"You gonna get mad if I say no, Williford?" Felix said curiously.

Marc huffed, nodding. "Fairly."

"You can hit me later then. Lis, get yourself and C out."

"But Marc--" Cath hissed, tone sounding angry.

"We'll come back for him. I'm already working out another plan. Just...back to the van."

Of course Felix already had another plan brewing. Probably one that would extract Marc and swap the paintings. Marc figured this much. "Least you have upper hand with these babies," Marc said, jiggling the glasses gently.

Everything silent for a few minutes. No words from Cath or Elisabeth, not even Felix.

"Marc? Hi," Theodore's crisp British accent rang into his ear over the communication device. "They're only going to work another two, maybe three hours. They've a battery life. Obviously."

"Perfect," Marc sighed, leaning his back against the wall and sliding down to sit on the floor. "Don't let me rot too long."

"Spring ye in a jiff, love," Marc heard Cath say.


He wasn't sure how long he was stuck there; but Marc knew it had to be past the two hour Marc because the glasses feed was apparently dead - according to Theodore a few minutes ago.

So bored with waiting, Marc ended up saying screw his cover since it already felt blown and shedded the sweater he'd been wearing to do push ups in the lonely holding cell.

No one had been giving him any updates, spare the one instance where Theodore told him the battery on the glasses were dead and the feed was cut.

Marc paused, midway through a push up and asked quietly, "Status Felix?"

"En route."

He heard a small click sound and frowned, pushing himself up to sit again and frown. "Guys?" A moment of waiting and no response came. Either they turned off their devices or his died. He pulled it from his ear, turning it over a few times with a frown before pocketing it with a huff.

More time passed, playing with the glasses and flipping them around in his hands. Marc started to think they were going to leave him there until he heard things making clinking sounds behind him.

Marc glanced over his shoulder and saw Elisabeth opening the lock with Cathal standing lookout. His brow twitched, amused over the fact that the two seemed to go through an outfit change - into the same dark clothes that the security was wearing with hats to hide under.

"I hope you have Kenobi with you, Skywalker," he joked as he got up once she had the cell door swinging open.

"I'm definitely not Skywalker," Lis commented, putting a hand on her hip.

"Okay, fine. You can be R2," Marc grinned.

"Time to go," Cath said quickly, turning and pushing them along. "Back door, Felix. Guidance."

Marc moved quickly, getting pushed along and blindly led by the two. He trusted that Felix would get them out, followed the shoves and little ducks he had to do to hide from sight.

Once they finally ducked out of the back door, setting off the emergency exit alarm as they ran to the waiting van. Felix threw open the back door and they all hopped in; Theodore obviously behind the wheel and moving even before Cath was pulling the door shut.

Marc leaned against the console set up, sitting on the floor with his head tipped back. He glanced to see Felix patting Lis on the back, clearly proud for orchestrating his freedom and she was concerned with shaking her hair out that had been stuffed under the hat.

Speaking of hats, Marc turned to eye Cath who was across from him with a knee propped up. He was smiling at him brightly, an apparent cross between amused and proud.

"What're you grinning at?" Marc asked, nudging the other's boot.

"Ye think I'm Han Solo, don't 'cha princess?" His brow twitched up, pure amusement on his face.

He reached a hand to knock the hat from Cath's head with a mumble of shut up. Though he was fairly shocked to see the previously ostentatiously green dyed hair for this job gone. "Where's the green?"

"Found a hose when we nicked the uniforms. Figured incase we got caught..."

Clicking his tongue, Marc shook his head. "Disappointed. I liked it. I was hoping I could fuc--"

"Please don't finish that statement," Lis said quickly, making a sour face.

"Finally, someone on my side! Yes!" Felix shouted.

"Oh, then yer gonna hate th'ride back, E," Cath commented, winking at Marc.


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