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The first year of college was hard. Being away from family, his friends, the pack... Marc wasn't sure he'd adapt and make it. Yet somehow, he was entering the third year and felt confident about it.

Not only was he at the top of the food chain for the fraternity he'd been roped into joining once Bryant transferred in the previous year, but he just seemed to have everything going right. Smoothly.

Something was bound to slip up, he was sure.

The first party of the year was always huge, trying to rope in freshman to join and make nice with the sororities they might've angered for silly mistakes. Marc moved around, checking up on things and patting Bryant on the back when he spotted him cheering on someone chugging a drink that was in a bucket - which didn't seem like the brightest idea, but whatever. Consequences later.

Marc got himself to the front door of the shared house amongst the frat members, ready to welcome whatever scared little freshman were wandering in when he spotted a face that he was sure he was imagining at first. He blinked, looking past the timid few and his mouth fell open. It shifted into a smile though and Marc shouted, "Holy shit! Cath?"

Blue eyes stopped wandering and settled on him, brightening almost instantly. The smile on his lips came shortly after. "Hi Marc..."

"You look like a scared frosh. C'mere!" he shouted, barreling forward to crush the other in a hug. "Shit, I haven't seen you since..."

"Since ye left."

He pulled back to look at the younger curiously. "What are you doing here? Wait, are you gonna be starting this year?" Marc silently tried to think back, trying to remember the difference in their age and schooling. It wasn't too wide, but clearly enough that set them apart.

Cath nodded, eyes darting downwards. He peeked up and Marc was excited. That meant not only did he have one of his longest friends, but now he had his best. The two had been fairly inseparable since they were kids and it stirred up what felt like years of history.

"Oh, you're joining then. And getting some special brew, my favorite Omega," he added in a hushed tone. Quickly, Marc turned and shouted, "Hey Bry! Look who's here!"


Cath was more than eager to join, though Marc had a feeling it had something to do with the drinking.

For the few wolves that were in the fraternity, he mixed up some wolfsbane into a batch of alcohol that he kept for parties. It helped them actually feel the alcohol, and hell, sometimes they passed it around to the humans to get them on a higher plane of excitement. It was sort of what the house was known for - and no one quite understood. They just knew showing up to the house meant a really good time.

He practically took Cathal under his wing. Wouldn't even see him get hazed on like the other few freshmen. Through some growling and assertion of the Alpha lineage that ran in his blood, Marc had them only going as far as dying the Omega's hair a vibrant loud color.

Though, funny though, it became a hit. Cathal became almost as known and popular as Marc quickly. That was the explanation to the little spikes of jealousy Marc got over the weekends during parties, when he would spot the other being the center of attention in one of the rooms.


Spring break was a highlight of the year. The fraternity partnered up with a sorority for an epic scale of festivities. Since the houses shared backyard space only separated by a fence, Marc and the guys took it down for huge set ups.

Speakers, inflatable pools and d├ęcor, plenty of alcohol and a very obvious theme of a luau thanks to the girls mostly doing the decorating.

The night had barely started and Marc was already stumbling over his own feet. Bryant had challenged him to a drink off and it was safe to say, the wolfsbane spiked drinks were hitting his system hard.

Almost tripping over an inflatable palm tree, Marc snickered and threw a lei that fell from it's fake leaf onto a passing person as feet made their way towards a house. He wasn't too sure if it was the girl's or theirs, but either way - he wanted to sit down. On a nice, soft couch. Or bed. Whatever he found first.

An arm darted to keep him balanced, trailing along the wall as he wandered into the living room. Marc sure was thankful that it was their space, but soon stopped and wanted to think otherwise.

He swayed, frowning as he saw Cath sitting right where he wanted to flop down. What was more disappointing - oddly enough - was seeing the younger male laughing at something a girl was saying to him. Marc noted how she inched closer, slid fingers over his arm...

Marc just had no idea he was making his presence known by growling loud enough for them to hear.

Two sets of eyes darted in his direction and Marc swayed again, huffing. His hand slipped from the wall and intended to gently put it back but instead he hit it too hard, leaving an awful indentation.

"Was he just...growling?" the girl's voice asked, light.


He noticed Cathal get to his feet and look at him with concern? Worry? Something that felt too much like pity to Marc, causing him to lean himself against the opposite wall and shake his head. "G'back t'your date," Marc slurred, staring at the wall and slipping past.

The stairs had been a challenge, but he got up them and tried not to notice that there were feet trailing behind him. Marc all but crashed into his room, ending up face first on his bed momentarily before he got up and turned to reach for a bottle of the laced alcohol he kept for himself.

It was just too bad he found Cath standing right there, eyes wide and a frown on his lips. Lips that Marc was staring at for probably far too long.

"Ya okay?" Cath asked, tilting his head and placing a hand on Marc's shoulder.

Marc swatted it away in a swift motion. "I thought I told you..." His words were a mess, clearly having drank too much just from that challenge with Bryant. It made him wonder where the other Beta was, if he was passed out in shrubbery in one of the backyards...

A shake of his head and Marc tried to move past Cath, who only stopped him by sidestepping in front of him.

"Stop," Marc grumbled.

The green haired male shook his head and said, "No. Yer piss drunk an' need t'lay down."

Another attempt to move around Cathal with the same thing occurring had Marc growling low. "You fuckin' like gettin' in my way? Just...shoving your face everywhere." The words made perfect sense to Marc, but not to Cathal judging by the confusion on his face.

So the wolf with the drunken brain elaborated - slurring and stumbling over words. "Y'don't let me go the way I want. Always jus' right there." He winced, adding, "Followin' me everywhere. There, here. Mostly here."

"Ya don't make sense, Marc," Cath said, a slight snicker.

He felt his face twitch, a pitiful sound escaping him as he leaned and ran a hand through his hair. "...All the way here. T'school?" Marc could feel his emotions trying to escape, bubbling up. that or he was about to actually vomit. He was thankful that it was only words he was spitting out. "Did this? I came here t' get away from you."


"I wanted the ocean between us so I wouldn't have to look at you!" From one extreme to the next, the awful sad feeling shifted into anger but it didn't feel right to Marc. So he lowered his voice and backed away, shaking his head once. He slumped into sitting down on the edge of the bed as he said, "You don't even know what it's like... Looking at someone who's never gonna love you."

Silence rained over the two of them. Marc lowered his head and stared at the floor as he rubbed at an eye. Was he crying? He liked to think not but his eyes sure felt like it. And the wetness proved otherwise.

"Ye..." Cath started, trailing off. Marc opened his mouth, almost about to tell him to get out when he heard the other say, "Yer an idiot, you know that?"

"Fuck off," Marc said, voice betraying him and breaking. "I tried so damn hard. Forgot about you almost and then?" He laughed, covering his face with his hands and rubbed over his eyes again. "Your stupid face at the door..."

A sob threatened to escape, almost did when Marc pulled his hands away and dared to look at Cath. But the other was moving, pressing lips to his so hard that he hoped it bruised.

Cathal drew back after a long moment, dropping to his knees to better look at him. "Like I said, yer an idiot. My idiot. Who I missed very much. Ya think I really wanna be in school more?"

Marc's brow knotted, not sure what to make of the words beyond the warmth they were putting in his chest. This time, the sob bubbled up and he let it out. Alcohol numbing too many parts of his brain that would care. He got arms around the other and yanked him close, biting his lips to try and battle his emotions - though losing.

The last thing he remembered hearing was Cath's voice by his ear, telling him he loved him too.


Marc woke up startled, mind reeling. Had that been a dream or...? He sucked in a breath and noted the warmth beside him before actually glancing over.

It was Cathal. Apparently, they were laying the wrong way across the bed and he was curled into his side with a faint smile on his lips.

Processing this felt like a whirlwind to the Beta, a stir of happiness and excitement and worry. Most of it disappated though when Cath's fingers fisted into his shirt and hummed a sound.

Marc swallowed before settling back down, smiling to himself and then at the other. "You really love me, Cath?" he whispered, assuming he was asleep.

The other cracked an eye for a brief second, mumbling, "'Course."

He was sure they were going to have things to discuss, but later. Marc was stealing this moment of warm feelings to revel in with the dozing Omega.


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