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He was really taking a leap with this one, half thinking for a second that he should turn around and bury the idea deep in his mind. But he'd already knocked on the door, already walked there and everything...

The door swung open and Felix looked at him curiously. "Marc? I didn't call you."

"No, I know... I just uh, wanted to stop by and see if you and Cath were coming out tonight. To drink."

Marc saw the slow smirk Felix donned and immediately glanced to the ground, scowling slightly. Surely, the other Alpha had him figured out. He had to know that he was there because of the Beta, that he was interested in him.

"We weren't planning on it," Felix commented, leaning against the door. "But, for my buddy? I'll go have a few." He waved for Marc to come inside and called, "Hey Cath!"

Following Felix up to their apartment on the second floor, Marc felt a sudden rush to dart until he heard the accented voice.

"Ye don't 'ave t'shout... I'm righ' 'ere."

He peeked beyond Felix to see Cath comfortably curled on the couch, television on with something playing softly. Hazy blue eyes were pointed in their direction and it was like Cath knew he was there, the tilt of his head and knot appearing in his brow...

"Marc stopped by to visit you. I'm gonna leave you kids have fun while I go down to the pub."

"Fe, if ye wanted ta--"

Cathal didn't get the rest of his sentence out, because Felix was clapping Marc's shoulder and loudly stating "I'll be back in an hour or two" before ducking out.

Marc stood awkwardly, watching as Cathal shifted before patting the space next to him. "Are ye gonna come sit?"

"Oh, shit, uh...yeah," Marc said, shaking his head and making a face at himself and approaching the couch to sit. He eyed the television before glancing over at the Beta. "What 'cha watching?" Quickly, he realized what he said and cursed under his breath. Smooth, so smooth...

"It's fine," Cath chuckled. "Some sorta show, I dunno. Wasn't paying too much attention. Ye wanna change it? Start somethin' new we can watch?"

"Sure," Marc shrugged, scanning quickly and finding the remote on the small table in front of them.


By the time Felix came back, the two had gotten through an entire movie and were just listening to the theme as the credits rolled.

"Everyone better have clothes on," Felix announced as he stepped into the living room.

Marc turned, looking at him with his brow raised. He could hardly believe the guy would just walk in and shout that but...he figured he had a point. It just looked funny how the other Alpha had his hand covering his eyes. "Felix, why would we have taken our clothes off?"

"No one's shaggin' ye daft thing," Cath said quickly, chucking a pillow in the guy's direction. His aim was shockingly good for someone who couldn't see. Marc assumed it had to do with his senses, as Cath had explained before.

Felix dropped his hand, caught the pillow and disappeared further into the apartment as he said, "It'd make you less grumpy!"

Turning, Marc caught the slight embarrassment it brought onto the other and smiled softly. It was cute. He cleared his throat, reaching his hand to pat the top of Cathal's. "I only think you're a little grumpy. Sometimes." He snickered while Cath shook his head, frowning.

Stealing confidence, he grasped the Beta's fingers lightly and said, "Thanks for letting me hang out."

Red color bloomed on Cath's face as he replied, "'Course. Anytime."

It had Marc beaming and he only hoped the other couldn't tell. "I'll let myself out, alright?" There was a split second of hesitation while he watched Cath nod before he raised the hand he held and pressed a kiss to the knuckles. "Goodnight Cath."

He was up and moving before he could catch the look of pure awe on the other's face.


Marc ended up over at their apartment not two nights later with the same song and dance; though this time he outwardly said he wanted to spend time with Cathal to Felix - who yet again made his little comments before disappearing.

But Marc grew more bold. He chose a scarier movie at Cath's suggestion and had found the space between them on the couch slowly disappearing. A few times he scooted closer, others Cath did.

Though, when a girl screamed at the top of her lungs, the Beta winced and shivered as he tucked close to Marc. He frowned, wrapping an arm around the other and asked, "You okay?"

Cathal nodded, turning his face towards Marc's with a faint frown. The Alpha sucked in a breath, cursed his boldness in advance, and pressed a soft kiss to the lips in front of him.

When he drew back a moment later, he noticed Cath seemed to be frozen. Unmoving spare a few twitches of his brow as if unsure. He opened his mouth, lips moving but no words coming out so Marc stole more initiative.

"If I startled you, sorry. I you."

"Ye like me?" Cath finally asked after a long moment of silence. He worried his lower lip with teeth and Marc nodded - but quickly remembered the Beta couldn't see so he rushed a verbal yes, flustered.

"Fe was teasin' me tha' ye did but I didn't think ye did..." He ducked his head, shaking it once before hazy blues were back on Marc. "Are ye... Can I?"

Marc's brow knotted, confused as he noticed Cathal's hand raise and fingers skim over his jaw. The Beta's lips parting with a surprised sound. It took a moment, but it clicked that he didn't know what he looked like. Marc figured he might've had some sort of picture in his head, but... He nodded slowly as he said, "Go for it."

As if to prove he was okay with it, Marc carefully plucked Cath's other hand and rested it against his cheek. It earned him a hum from the other and a pleasant smile before Cath joked, "I didn't realize ye migh' be a cactus."

Brow raising, Marc held back a chuckle. "Very funny."

Cath nodded, clearly thinking he was funny and let fingers trail over Marc's features. He even commented that if Marc kept frowning his face would get stuck that way, to which he only grumbled in response.

His eyes fell shut when he felt pads of fingers moving down in that direction, over his cheeks before a thumb stopped to linger on his lower lip. Marc took in a breath, holding it a moment before the thumb moved to swipe across gently. Marc inched closer and let out the breath as he said, "I can't not kiss you again."

The hands against his face pulled him in and Marc took that as a clear sign it was okay, kissing Cath but lingering to nibble on his lip as he'd seen him do before.

Distraction must have been why he didn't notice the other's hands slipping under his shirt at first, not until they settled. Marc made a pleased sound, pulling back as they traced over his form.

"Yer warm. Solid," Cath muttered.

"An Alpha," Marc reminded him.

Though as soon as the words were out of his mouth, the hands were retracting and Cathal scooted back an inch. "I forgot. Sorry."

"Sorry for what? I like you. And it could be greed talking or the fact that I like your hands, but you can touch me. All you want." His words were punctuated by a growl that slipped out, wolf eager at the thought. It had Cath moving again but Marc stopped him, a hand moving to his knee and kissing him harder.

He was sure he felt Cath's tongue darting over his lips and loved the prospect, but the moment was crushed by Felix entering the apartment space and shouting, "Whoa whoa whoa!"

The two split apart, turning heads towards the lanky Alpha. "Drama queen," Cath remarked.

"No fucking on the couch! That's communal." Felix pointed at the thing after hanging up his coat, as if to prove some point.

"Like ye haven't before?"

That seemed to quiet the other up fast and Marc covered his mouth with a fist to hide his snickering. "You two need to start hanging out other places. Go on a real date, for god's sake." He rushed off into the apartment, near stomping feet.

But he had a point. Marc glanced at Cath and said, "We could, you know. Like, go out. Or you can come over to my place? I'll make you dinner."

Cath smiled at this, pressing a kiss to Marc's cheek. "S'a date then."
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