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Everything happened so fast. One minute he was with it, fully himself and trying to avoid the shift despite the full moon weighing heavily on him. The next? He was covered in blood, sitting in an alleyway in town with a frightened guy staring at him.

He had no idea how much the other saw or even what he thought he might've seen, but panic set in fast. Marc got to his feet and bolted, ran as far and fast as he could straight towards the woods.

Marc jumped into the first body of water he found without much of a care, just wanting the blood off. There wasn't any way he could go home like that. And they sure would smell it on him even after - which was why he ended up back on the solid ground and rolling around before jumping back into the water.

What seemed like a simple process turned into a multiple hour thing and his clothes were near ruined by the time he felt satisfied he could walk near the pack territory again.


No one seemed to suspect anything. After all, he was the Alpha's son. No one wanted to point a finger in his direction and there was too much pride for his father to think in such a way on his own.

They pinned the slaughter, as they were calling it amongst themselves, on an Omega. Possibly a Beta that had just gone off the deep end.

Marc couldn't bring himself to talk about it, to even listen. Each time, he feigned that he had to do something. Somewhere to be, some sort of appointment... Anything to get away from the sinking feeling it left in the pit of his stomach.

It was on one of these escapes that he'd wandered into town and stopped to check his phone when he heard someone say, "It's you!"

Glancing up, he spotted a face that he'd seen before. Back in the alley when he'd been covered in blood. Marc paled, eyes darting around warily twice before rushing forward to grab the guy by the back of the collar and shove him to walk. Flaring up the wolf and trying to make himself seem scary, dangerous wasn't the hardest thing. "Walk," he grumbled out.

He heard the guy hiss, cursing yet still he walked in the direction Marc shoved him. Even when he ducked him behind a building and pushed him toward a wall. A low growl from Marc and the guy was talking fast.

"Look, I didn't say anythin' ta anyone! I swear!"

"Why don't I believe you then?!" Marc questioned, trying to scare the guy a little more as he pushed him against the wall.

"I ran, okay! I didn't say anythin', jus' ran! An' s'not like I got seen an' pulled for questionin'."

The humans. That's right, they'd surely launch their own little investigation as to what happened. And this guy could easily say something, no matter how much he said otherwise. Marc swallowed, loosening his grip and taking a breath.

"Sorry buddy. This is for your own good..."


A quick grab of his head and Marc knocked it against the wall to render him unconscious - which worked. Though, there was a speckle of blood left behind that made his stomach twist.


Marc ended up throwing the guy over his shoulder and booking it back to his house. In quick realization that his snap decision meant he basically kidnapped the guy, he locked the doors and drew the curtains in every room before staring down at the unconscious one curiously.

He poked him once, gaining slight movement from the other and sat down in front of where he'd laid him on the couch.

It took a long while of staring, of watching the other just breath until he actually stirred. He groaned, bringing a hand to his head and making a pitiful whine. "Me head... Fuck."

"Yeah, sorry about that," Marc said.

His voice seemed to startle him and the guy was scrambling to sit up. Quick movements seemed to go against what his body wanted though because he quickly was back down and looking pale. Marc reached out a hand and said, "Sit still. I guarantee you have a concussion."

"Because ye fuckin' bashed me head!"

"I said I was sorry..."

"Fuck's wrong with ye?"

Marc swallowed, shaking his head once. "I can't let you be out there just walking around, man. It's too risky."

"So ye..." His eyes flickered around. "Kidnapped me?!"

"It wasn't a good decision, but I didn't have another choice at the time," Marc explained, getting up and moving towards the kitchen. "Can I get you some water?"

"No! Ye can call fer help! Jaysus!" He pushed himself up to stare at Marc in disbelief.

"You're not going anywhere and no one's calling for anything." He threw the words over his shoulder, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge before crossing back over to kneel and observe the other male closer. "Get used to it."


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