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It was one of the rare instances the house was quiet, seeing as how they just returned home from a little parent teacher event at the school and Callie was with Kono for the night. Marc's mother having winked at them to have a nice evening and that she'd see that the girl they took in as their own be dropped off in the morning.

Marc trailed after Cath, huffing a sigh and glad that it was over as he loosened the tie. It wasn't like he needed to make a good impression on anyone, but Cath had suggested they'd dressed appropriately for the event. Though, Marc had a feeling it was just because Cathal liked being able to tug him around by the tie.

Watching the green haired male lean against the counter, Marc slipped the offending object over his head and chucked it on the couch. Their version of a nice evening was going to be staying in, relaxing. Maybe he'd cook something, he wasn't sure yet.

"Least she's doin' well with it all," Cath said.

Eyes glanced up and he noticed the other was looking at the report card they'd been given. "That's good," he replied with a nod. "I mean, she knows her letters and numbers and probably too much crap she shouldn't at her age, but..."

Marc canted his head, trying to stretch out the muscles before raising arms over head to do the same. He felt stiff from sitting and listening to the teacher for what felt like forever and the drive home.

He listened to Cath read a comment from the card and moved to stretch his arms out at his sides when he heard a small sound. Like something tore.

Blinking at the button down shirt he'd had on, Marc noticed a few of the buttons were gone. Exploded off the shirt likely from his stretching. "Whoops." He figured it was his own fault. It wasn't like Elisabeth was dressing him anymore and replacing things that didn't fit.

Noticing that Cathal had stopped talking, his eyes drifted towards his mate and found him staring in awe. He blinked before saying, "I'd say tha's unfair, but no sprog." Cath propped his chin on his hand, smiling as he eyed him over. "Go on. Migh' as well ruin th'rest of it."

It had Marc shooting him an amused look, chuckling. "Greedy." Cath just shrugged and smirked at the comment. "I don't wanna ruin it anymore. Maybe I can get it fixed."

A bored expression and Cath was narrowing his eyes. "The buttons're on the floor, Marc. That means it's ready t'be tossed."

Frowning, Marc still wasn't keen on the idea. Especially since he remembered what was on his shoulder. "...Fine." He knew the other would see it sooner or later. Wouldn't be able to hide it in the long run, really.

He worried his lip a moment before glancing eyes up towards Cath and tugging the shirt the rest of the way. Buttons scattering that he was definitely going to claim that he didn't have to clean up.

The Beta's eyes lit up, a glimmer of amusement and he licked his lips while pushing off from the counter and moving a few steps closer. But he stopped to tilt his head. "Marc, what's tha?"

"What's what?"

"Tha'." Cath stepped into Marc's space, shifting the shirt from his shoulder and glanced up to meet Marc's eyes. "Is that a...?"

He nodded. "It wouldn't have worked normally, so I had Theo help." Turning his head to glance at it himself, Marc read over the scrawled little words. Sure, he didn't ever think a tattoo would be a thing he'd get, but it was special. A quote from two kids movies that Callie had them watch about one hundred times.

"I look at ye an' I'm home. Ohana." Cath's fingers traced over the spot by Marc's collar bone and smiled. "Tha's sweet."

Marc's brow furrowed, shrugging once with a nod. Making a big deal out of it wasn't in the plans so he quickly picked up the other, tossing him over his shoulder and hurrying up the stairs as he said, "Oh, I'll show you how sweet I can really be."
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