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Marc wasn't really sure was what going on. All he knew was that he heard laughter from his office while he was trying to do some last minute ledger work. Grumbling under his breath, he got up and left the pen in his book before exiting the room.

In the living room, his mate and his newly bitten seemed to be in the middle of some sort of tickle war. It was cute, sure; but then...his wolf was jealous of it and he was growling before he realized.

The two looked in his direction, Desmond freezing in what looked to be a state of fear while Cath just grinned. "Look who decided t'come join us," the green haired Beta commented, leaning back.

"You," Marc said, pointing at the Omega. "Put some space between yourself and my mate."

Though pouting, the blue haired male did just this while Cath crossed his arms and shot Marc a glare. "Jus' 'avin' a bit o'fun, Marc."

His brow shot up, shaking his head and moving to plant himself between the two. "Yeah? Don't like it," Marc grumbled.

All things considered, he felt he had good reason to be irritated over it. After all, if it weren't for the certain events those months ago, Desmond wouldn't even be there. He'd still be human, wandering around minding his own business - but no. He had to go and get handsy with Cathal, with his mate.

Marc stared ahead at the television that was on, playing some show that he wasn't really interested, when he felt the warmth of hands on his left smooth over his shoulder. "Sorry," Desmond said. "I didn't mean anything by it. We just were having fun. C's really fun."

"Ye 'ear that?" Cath said, right by Marc's right ear. "M'fun..."

A low warning growl at Cath and the Beta snickered, nuzzling against his cheek once. "Not now."

"Why not? S'it 'cause of Dessy?"

The Omega's hand had left his shoulder, Marc noticed, but he still felt the warmth of his presence beside him. "What do you think?"

"I think he's not a bad kisser an' ye should try 'im."

Immediately, Marc's attention whipped over to Cath and he scowled. "How does that help?"

"It'd be cute," Cath said, a small pout towards the other.

Marc turned his head, looking at Desmond on the opposite side of him and narrowing his eyes. "Maybe."

The youngest of the three looked between the other two, almost as if concerned. "No, hey, I'm--"

Leaning over, he kissed the Omega with the same intensity that he might his mate. He heard Cathal giggle happily with hands smoothing over his back right before he pulled back. The youngest looked a little shocked, Marc eyeing him carefully. "Okay. He's not bad..."

Desmond looked to brighten, exchanging a look with Cath over Marc's shoulder before surging forward to kiss him again. He was okay with it for a moment, but then growled and shoved the Omega back.

There would've been more growling at him, of warning to remind him of his status and his place; but fingers were shifting through Marc's hair and gently tugging. "Be nice," Cath scolded. "'e wants love, too, ye silly."

Marc watched Desmond pout and rolled his eyes, turning back to catch a pointed look from the Beta. "So we find him a nice guy. Or girl. Whatever. Lis would find him adorable."

"I find him adorable though."

"Yeah, but--"

"An' ye can share a little bit. Ye got enough love ta go 'round." Marc went to protest again, but Cath clambered into his lap and said, "Learn ta share."

Narrowing his gaze, Marc replied, "I don't have to?"

"I'm askin' ye ta jus' share a bit. Fer Dessy."

Watching Cath for a long moment, he glanced over to Desmond who was also looking at the green haired Beta - though, he seemed to have stars in his eyes. Frankly, it was cute. "Just this once."


Not two months later, Marc was coming home from a trip. He'd ended up traveling to speak with another pack that needed guidance and the house was oddly quiet when he stepped inside.

"I'm home?" he called, slightly confused as to why Cath wasn't bouncing around after Desmond or why Desmond wasn't rushing around doing...whatever it was he did. Maybe they weren't home. That was a plausible concept...

Frowning, he moved further and wandered up the stairs, opening the bedroom door and dropping his backpack once inside. He spotted the two in question curled up on the bed, snuggled close and he was sure that one of them was snoring.

Marc smiled and snickered, shaking his head before drawing closer to sit on the bed. A hand reaching over to ruffle Desmond's hair and leaning to press a kiss on Cath's cheek. He noticed a smile form on the Beta's lips and caught half of a mumbled 'lay with us'.

"Only 'cause it's the cutest thing I've seen all week," Marc said quietly, curling up with them.
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